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The Village Building Convergence (Annual 2001 – Now)

The annual Village Building Convergence (VBC) is a form of “time activism”, created to be a means to restore cyclical patterns of living in time while also demonstrating permaculture-based ecological building technologies and processes. In other words, we are attempting to restore the archetypal “Barn Raising” as a broad cultural phenomena that brings place based communities together in a purposeful ritual, as they rebuild cultural infrastructure in more equitable and sustainable ways.
The VBC is one of the preeminent urban place making festivals in the world. Spanning over ten days and nights, each year the VBC features features more than three dozen daytime building projects at a variety of scales, in a wide spectrum of contexts. Nighttime is always a time for gathering, usually for grand scale shared meals for participants and featuring speakers, music, performance, and embodied learning workshops.
Dates: Ten days and evenings, usually beginning on the last Friday of May and proceeding to the second Sunday in May.
Theme: Regenerated each year.
Central Venue: Since 2015 the central venue of the event rotates to different locales depending on scheduled activities.
Tickets: see http://www.villagebuilding convergence.com for more information.
Contact: vbc@cityrepair.org