Planet Repair Institute (PRI)

Co-Founded by Mark Lakeman, Sarah Frances Michaelson, Sarah Heath, Mighk Simpson 2010

PRI is an embedded prototype for local, urban, and global transformation. Best known as the birthplace of the first generation of City Repair and it’s many projects, including T-Horse and the VBC, PRI is also where Communitecture, Inc. began. Using principles of community participation and permaculture, the vision of PRI is to inspire the whole transformation of a typical American neighborhood into a sustainable and just model that will inspire all others in Portland and beyond.

Up coming Pemaculture Design Certificate Course, right in Portland.

The Planet Repair Institute is excited to announce a 15 session course on Urban Permaculture Design!

This course will offer a balance of theoretical learning and hands on implementation, with a strong emphasis on urban permaculture systems and block repair.

We will be inviting many of the bioregion’s top instructors of ecological design to explore a wide variety of topics, including Forest Gardening, Energy Systems, Rainwater Catchment, Greywater, Ponds and Swales, Natural Building, Design Methods, Ecology of Urban Spaces, Propagation and Grafting, and much more!

Cost: $500-$700 Sliding Scale (with scholarship options available to make the course more accessible for those in financial need).

Visit for more details!