About Communitecture, inc.


Founded by Mark Lakeman & Michael Hebb, 1998

Communitecture, Inc. is a nationally recognized firm that specializes in the design of creative and dynamic public places that are major features of their project types. Founded in 1998, the firm is a very creative design partnership that has completed numerous award-winning public and private projects. Though the work is innovative, it is always designed with the existing historical and cultural context in mind. Their strong emphasis on sustainability is demonstrated by design leadership in dozens of successful community-oriented projects including: a vision plan for the new 2010 Olympic ice skating facility in Whistler, BC, sheltered by a photovoltaic roof; The ReBuilding Center of Our United Villages; and the new Sisters Of The Road expansion in Portland’s Old Town. Through their work in connection with The City Repair Project, Communitecture has also overseen over three hundred participatory and sustainable community gathering places located in communities across the City of Portland. These are now setting example for projects around the world.

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