Relevant Projects

The ReBuilding Center Cob Entrance Celebration

  • 2010 Olympic Ice Skating Facility, Whistler, BC

Public participation workshops and development of several conceptual designs of a world class sustainable skating facility that reflects the vision of the regional community.

  • Alaskan Native Heritage Center, Anchorage, Alaska

A major combined venue for five native cultures to showcase their living culture while housing an interpretive museum to exhibit stories and artifacts of their respective heritage. The facility itself features a mixed-use program as well as extensive site development of gathering places, and interpretive features.

  • The ReBuilding Center, Portland, OR

The nation’s leading recycled building materials retail facility, made of the highest percentage of recycled and natural materials in the USA. Features include adaptive reuse of existing building with seismic upgrades, extensive storm water treatment facilities, community gathering places, and natural light clerestories.

  • Bay City Vision Plan, Supported by The National Endowment For The Arts

This 20-year plan results from broad participatory design processes for the redevelopment of this entire small city, including a new public square and community center, a youth park with all-weather skate park and club house, a art center, new museum, extensive pathway system to connect all project features, and numerous new street improvements.

  • Solar Tower & Piazza, Redwood Community College, Salt Lake City, Utah

An international competition-winning design for a new campus piazza and sbell tower to be located in the crossroads of a modern community college campus.

  • Tillamook Core Place Making Plan, Tillamook, OR

Through the downtown center, a redeveloped streetscape network of three redeveloped intersections, and sidewalks with artistically developed surface graphics, curb extensions, street furniture, and public art.

  • Creative Mixed Use Facility, Portland, OR

This 35,000 square foot warehouse has been converted into a mix of retail spaces, offices, dance studios, and a theater.

  • Design Leadership in The City Repair Project, Portland, OR

Oversight and design support services for dozens of Street Piazzas, Solar-powered community buildings, Solar-powered information kiosks & fountains, numerous outdoor classrooms, super-affordable community housing, community benches, solar-powered monuments, and numerous hybrid sustainable projects. All of these projects involve youth, many in partnership with schools or and diverse communities.

The T-Pony mobile community center