Mark Lakeman has been designing and building projects nearly his entire life. His parents cultivated his creative capacity in design and making, from temporary constructions on the beach and in the forest to more elaborate, larger scale initiatives. Mark’s career began early, has moved through decades of continuous growth processes and periods of influence, until arriving at last a focus on equity, justice, and resilience in which design serves primarily to bring people together as they grow more powerful.

Most of the following projects have been driven by creative participation by and for intentional communities, and are reflective of shared goals and visions. All of them have deep integrity in terms of challenging norms too often taken for granted. All of them aim at building long term continuity within place based power, are guided by a vision of non-commodification, decolonization of self and community, and justice in every form that can arrive immediately or on a longer time frame.

Until images are added to illustrate the following list, please go to,,, and google images to find these projects.

communitecture, architecture & planning 

  • The ReBuilding Center, Portland, OR

Made of all recycled and natural materials, TRC is the nation’s leading recycled building materials retail facility, built of the highest % of recycled and natural materials in the USA.

  • Capaces Institute, Woodburn, OR
  • Station Street Public Square, Duncan, BC
  • Whistler Street Reinvention Project, Duncan, BC
  • Resilient By Design, Bay Area Challenge Projects, Vallejo and San Francisco, both CA
  • Sabin Green Cohousing
  • Cully Grove Cohousing
  • Cully Green Cohousing, Portland, OR
  • Bell’s Mountain Agrihoods & Buildings, Battleground, WA
  • Our Table Farm Masterplan and Buildings, Sherwood, OR
  • Kenton Women’s Village, Oregon City, OR
  • R2DToo, Houseless Shelter by Houseless People, Portland, OR
  • Veteran’s Village, Oregon City, OR
  • Bloom Main Home, Hillsboro, OR
  • McKay Park (First Nations), Prince Rupert, BC

The City Repair Project, Portland, OR

Mark Lakeman has collaborated to provide oversight, design, logistics, and political support services for hundreds of intentional community projects including street piazzas, natural buildings, solar-powered information kiosks & fountains, numerous outdoor classrooms, super-affordable community housing, community benches, edible landscapes, permaculture based urban agriculture installations, solar-powered monuments, and numerous hybrid sustainable projects. Nearly all of these projects involve youth, many in partnership with schools and/or diverse communities.

All projects listed below are located in Portland, Oregon.

  • The T-Hows (Community Meeting House) Intervention
  • The Intersection Repair Project (Crossroads Insurgency)
  • Share-It Square (first intersection repair)
  • Sunnyside Piazza (second intersection repair)
  • T-Horse Mobile Public Square
  • T-Pony Project
  • Hands Around Portland ’97, ’98, 2000
  • Dignity Village, Portland, OR
  • Village Building Convergence (900 projects)
  • The Solar Sanctuary at PRI (cob, compressed straw)
  • The ReBuilding Center Gateway (cob)
  • The Dirt Bird Sauna (cob)
  • Sabin Green Cottage (cob & strawclay)
  • Madison Street Light House Gathering Place (cob)
  • communitecture Food Forest (permaculture)
  • Planet Repair Institute Campus (permaculture)
  • BLOCK Repair Project (permaculture)
  • City Repair Headquarters Demo Project (permaculture)
  • More listed soon….