Some Current Best Presentations Online:
TEDx Santa Cruz, March 8, 2014-

Creative Mornings at ZIBA: Mark Lakeman on “Freedom”-

Curry Stone Design Prize, Podcast: Should Designers Be Outlaws? In this interview Mark Lakeman describes the urban retrofit strategies of City Repair and communitecture.

“Think Out Loud” Radio Interview regarding R2DToo the Self-Created homeless village, on Oregon Public Broadcasting, Portland, Oregon

‘Earth Repair Radio: Mark Lakeman on Sea Level Rise and Climate Resilience –

VBC15 Mark Lakeman opens for “The Polish Ambassador” at the Crystal Balleroom, June 5 2015

3,2,1…Chicago Repair! Mark Lakeman at Great Lakes Bioneers-

Mark Lakeman at Rocky Mountain Bioneers-

City Repair: Transforming Space Into Place-

Mark Lakeman on Urban Permaculture-

Cities For Everyone(Audio); Space + Place, An Interview with Mark Lakeman-

Mark Lakeman on Villages By and For Homeless People, and Opportunity Village in Eugene-


2018 Events:

November 29, (Scheduled) Public Presentation for Annual Speaker Series, University of Victoria, Victoria, BC

October 14-16, Presentations and Workshops at ECOSA, Prescott, AZ

October 13 (October – December), For City Repair Project: Monthly Urban Permaculture Presentations and Workshops begin, Portland, OR

October 2-5, Numerous Presentations, Workshops, Site Tours, EcoBuilding Guild Conference, Portland, OR

September 4, One Day Workshop for Marisha Auerbach Permaculture Design Class, Portland Community College, Rock Creek, OR

July 24, 25, 26, Village Structures: Improvisational Building for Pickathon Festival, Happy Valley, OR 

July 13-16, (Scheduled) Keynote Presentation and Workshops for First Annual Philadelphia Village Building Convergence, Philadelphia, PA

July 8: Plenary Presentation and Workshops at “Tribalize” Event, Loveland, CO

June 20, “Turn On II” Conference, Joint Presentation on Green Loop Project with Portland City Officials, Portland, OR

June 2, Keynote Presentation at Village Building Convergence 2018, Portland, OR

May 23-25, Public Presentations and Workshops (Concrete Couch), Colorado Springs, CO

May 2&3, Presentations and Workshops for (Starhawk) Permaculture Course at OUR Ecovillage, Shawnigan Lake, BC

May 4, “15 Minutes of Briliance” Keynote Presentation, Living Futures Conference, Portland, OR

March 23, Public Presentation for Community Built Association National Conference, March 23, Charleston, SC

February 24 & 25, Presentations and Workshops for Pacific Rim College, Victoria, BC

February 23, Global Homestead Public Presentation, Portland, OR

January – May, Monthly Course Presentations, Workshops, and Dialogues, Portland, OR

January 1, Presentation on Micro-Villages for Homeless People, Various Church Congregations, Portland, OR

2017 Events

December 10, Presentation on “Working with THE FORCE of Nature”/Passive Energy Systems, Planet Repair Institute’s Urban Permaculture Design Course, Portland, OR

November 7, Three Public Events: Micro-Housing Innovations for Houseless Communities, San Jose, CA 

November 5, Final Climate Resilience Presentations, Resilient By Design Competition, San Francisco, CA 

November 2 & 3, Presentations and Workshops at ECOSA, Prescott, AZ

November 1, Keynote Presentation at Arcosanti for 1st Annual Place Making Festival, AZ

November 11, Public Presentation: Ecological & Multifamily Village Design, Hood River, Oregon

October 25, National Center For Disease Control, Online/Live Presentation for National Conference, USA

October 13-15, Presentations in North Carolina (TBD)

September 28-30, Presentations and Dialogues, University of Delaware

September 26, Presentation at ReUse Building Conference, Portland, OR

September 25, Presentations for Japanese Permaculture Delegation, Portland, OR

September 21-23, Presentations and Workshops at NW Permaculture Convergence, Portland, OR

September 18, Opening Speaker, 1st Annual Audubon Nature & Environment Series, Portland, OR

August 24, Presentation for Marisha Auerbach Permaculture Design Course (PDC) at PCC Rock Creek

August 17-20, Presentations and Workshops at Eclipse/Symbiosis Festival, Eastern Oregon Site

August 3, Presentation for Office of Mayer Reed Landscape Architects, Dialogues on the role of design in social and ecological cultural evolution, Portland, OR

July 31, Presentations for TIVNU

July 25-27, Improvisational Building Projects (!!), Pickathon Festival, Happy Valley, OR

June 23 & 24, Presentations and Workshops for 1st Annual Village Building Convergence in Nevada City, California

June 2 -11, Numerous Presentations, Workshops, and Installations at the 17th Annual Village Building Convergence (VBC17), Portland, OR

May 20, Panel Discussion and Hands-On Building Workshop, AIA National Education Design Conference, in Portland, OR

May 16, Radio Interview for CFUV, University of Victoria, Victoria BC

May 14, Presentation for Sunday Assembly, Portland, OR

May 8 – 12, Vancouver Island numerous Presentations, Workshops, Panel, and Dialogues including the permaculture (PDC) course at OUR Ecovillage (with Starhawk)

May 6 & 7, Planet Repair & PDX Permaculture Design Course (Finale)

May 5, Public Presentation For Center For Public Interest Design, PSU, Portland, OR

April 27, Presentation and Tour for TIVNU

April 8 & 9, Planet Repair & PDX Permaculture Design Course

March 22- April 2, Multiple Presentations and Workshops at San Luis Obispo’s first Village Building Convergence, and Meeting and Presentation for a Community Group in San Jose, California

March 11 & 12, Planet Repair & PDX Permaculture Design Course

March 1-3, Public Presentations and Workshops, Guest Presentations in Permaculture Course, Calgary, Alberta

February 13, Completion of communitecture & City Repair’s new permanent headquarters building and gardens

February 11 & 12, Planet Repair & PDX Permaculture Design Course

January 14 & 15, Planet Repair & PDX Permaculture Design Course

2016 Events

October, 2016 to May, 2017: Planet Repair & Jean’s Farm Permaculture Design Course (weekend-based, see for details soon), Portland, Oregon

November 3-5, Public Presentations & Workshops with Students, Prescott, AZ

October 15-16, New Intersection Repair projects, Davis, CA

October 6-9, Public Presentations & Workshops with the Earth Guardians, Boulder, CO

September 19-October 3, Possible events in the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, MN

September 15-17, Keynote(?) at North American Permaculture Convergence, Hopland, CA

July 26-28, For Pickathon Festival: Building Improvisational Gathering Environments with found forest materials (including the acclaimed “Woodstage”), Happy Valley, Oregon

June 29, Presentation: Place Making & Community Building, U of O White Stag Building, Portland, OR

February 4 to June 12 the City Repair VBC16 Team trained more than 40 communities in the development of local relational networks through participatory place making and urban permaculture projects. The trainings included ecological and sustainable design, facilitation, outreach, fund raising, and numerous other topics, Portland, Oregon

June 3 to 12, City Repair’s 16th Annual Village Building Convergence, Mark Lakeman Presentations and Workshops at the VBC included Keynote: “City Repair Replicating in Other Cities”, “Tiny Homes and Houseless Villages”, and two workshops as part of the Village Building Design Course, Portland, Oregon

June 8, Building Community with Small Housing, Keynote, Portland, Oregon

May 25 to 30, At Lightning In A Bottle Festival, Presentations and Workshops, Bradley, CA

May 6 to 9, OUR Ecovillage PDC, Presentations and Workshops, Shawnigan Lake, BC

May 14 to 15, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Student Presentations, Portland, Oregon

April 24 to May 1, National Community Built Association Conference (CBA), Presentations, Workshops, and Teaching the Intern Boot Camp, Boulder, Colorado

April 9 to 10, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Whole System Farming, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

March 15 to April 4, Multi-City Speaking Tour, including Bay Area, Los Angeles, San Diego, California

March 12 to 13, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Urban Agriculture and Food Forestry, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

March 3, For City of Gresham: On Social Isolation and Place Making, Presentations and Trainings, Gresham, Oregon

February 29, City Repair Entry Due, Green Loop Competition, Portland’s Greatest-Ever Place Making Initiative, Portland, Oregon

February 19 to 22, Second Round of Participatory Design For 2.5 Acre Park, Prince Rupert, BC

February 18, City Council Testimony for R2DToo (Right To Dream Too) Homeless Village, to establish it as a new prototype.

February 13 to 14, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Design Projects, Microclimate, Broad Scale Water Projects, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

February 11 to 12, New Partners For Smart Growth Conference, Presentations, Panels, Tours, Portland, Oregon

February 3, “Think Out Loud” Radio Interview on Oregon Public Broadcasting, on Right To Dream Too, Portland, Oregon

January 30, Public Forum on R2DToo, SE Portland, Oregon

January 16 to 17, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Design and Drawing, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

January 8 to 11, City Repair Presentations and Trainings For City Council, Staff, and Community At Large, Prince Rupert, BC

2015 Events

December 5 to 6, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Energy and Social Systems, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

November 15, For Oregon State University Classes, Presentation and Tours at Planet Repair Institute, Portland, Oregon

November 7 to 8, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Water Systems and Site Design, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

Live Large, Build Small Conference, Several Presentations and workshops including Design Slam, PSU Campus, Portland, Oregon

October 17 to 18, Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, City Repair Vision; Design Principals and Ethics, Workshops and Presentations, Portland, Oregon

September 30 to October 5, Presentations and Workshops For Santa Barbara Communities, Santa Barbara, CA

September 19 to 29, Opening Keynote at Japan’s First “Future Center” Followed By a Multi-City Speaking and Workshop Tour of Tokushima, Kamayama, Okayama, and Tokyo, Japan

August 21 to 30, Presentations, Workshops, Implementations at Minneapolis VBC, Minneapolis, MN

August 11 to 15, At Olympia VBC, Olympia, WA

July 25, Presentations at Port Townsend VBC, Port Townsend, WA

July 14-16, Work with TIVNU Youth, Little Library Projects, Portland, OR

July 5 to 11, Natural Building Extravaganza, AsheVillage Institute, Asheville, NC

May 29-June 7, Presentations and Workshops at Village Building Convergence 2015, Portland, OR

May 16 & 17, Presentations and Presentations and Design Projects at Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Portland, OR

May 13/14, Presentation on Orcas Island, WA

May 11 to 13, Presentations and Workshops with Mayor and City Council, Victoria, BC

May 9 to 11, Presentations with Starhawk at OUR EcoVillage, Shawnigan Lake, BC

April 11 & 12, Presentations and Design Projects at Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Portland, OR

April 5, Intersection Repair Design Game Training at PRI, Portland, OR

March 29 & 30, Presentations and Workshops in Cleveland, OH

March 23-28, Numerous Presentations and Workshops in Detroit, Michigan

March 20-22, Presentations & Workshops at SE Portland Permaculture Convergence, Portland, OR

March 10, Presentation for Human Ecology Class, Otis College of Art & Design, Los Angeles, CA

March 7 & 8, Presentations and Presentations and Design Projects at Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Portland, OR

February 12, 13, 14, Presentations for Urban Studies, Black Studies, and Community Development Classes, Portland State University, Portland, OR

January 7 & 8, Presentations and Design Projects at Planet Repair Urban Permaculture Design Course, Portland, OR

January 15, At the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture, a public presentation for their annual lecture series, also dialogues with students, Taliesin West, Scottsdale, AZ.

2014 Events
December 15-17, Possible master planning charrettes at Quail Springs Permaculture Center, Los Angeles, CA.

November 17, Presentations and tour for Oregon State University permaculture students at PRI, Portland, OR

November 12 – 15, Living The New Economy workshops, Victoria, BC.

October 28-31, Public presentation and workshops for students, meetings with Arcosanti and tour of site, Ecosa Institute, Prescott, AZ

September 17 & 22, Discussions and site tours with Ivy School (Montessori grade school) classes, PRI in Portland, OR.

June – August, Numerous Presentations and workshops including Vancouver, BC, Calgary, Alberta, Asheville, NC and Sebastapol, CA.

June – 16, 17, Rome, Italy. Presentations for Professionals and Students at Architect’s Council Headquarters of Rome. Also known as “The House of Architecture”.

May 23 – June 1, 2014- Village Building Convergence 2014, Portland, OR

May 16, Creative Mornings Public Presentation(By Design Week), Portland, OR

May 14, 5pm Whole Earth Summit, Live Activation Call Series,

May 14, 7pm, Living Building Challenge, Live Webcast Presentation, For Los Angeles

March 29 – April 6, 2014- National Community Built Association Conference, numerous presentations and workshops, Davis, CA.

April 19 – 23, 2014- Place Making Presentations & Workshops, Vancouver & Victoria, BC Canada

March 23 – 27, 2014- Harvard University, Presentations & workshops, Cambridge, Mass.

March 7 – 10, 2014- TEDx Talk and several Public presentations and workshops, Santa Cruz, CA

February 8 – 11, 2014-  Place Making presentations and workshops, Vancouver, BC Canada

January 20 – 24, 2014- Presentations & workshops on Village Design, Brietenbush Resort, Oregon ………………………………………………………

2013 Events

November 16, 2013- Jenny Pell PDC, Guest Instructor, Block Repair & Planet Repair presentations & workshops, Seattle, Washington

November 19 & 20- Ecosa Institute, Public presentation and all-day workshops, Prescott, AZ

Multi-City Speaking & workshop Tour, Northern to Southern California & Back to Portland, OR

Beginning of California Speaking Tour 2013: 

Tuesday, October 22 8:30pm: Discussions at Opportunity Homeless Village site, Eugene, OR

Wednesday, October 23 – Noon: City Repair intersection repair activity in Chico, CA

Wednesday, October 23 – Evening event: Presentation for Weaving Earth, Petaluma, CA

Thursday, October 24 – Meetings with national Community Build Association rep, San Rafael, CA

Thursday, October 24 – Evening Presentation, ReDesigning The Commons, San Rafael, CA

 Friday, October 25 – 9am-4pm: ReDesigning The Commons Workshop, San Rafael, CA

Friday, October 25 – 7pm: Meeting with Oakland Neighborhood re: creative CEPTED crime-fighting  Design, Oakland, CA

Friday, October 25 – 9pm: Gathering with PLACE coordinators, Oakland, CA

 Saturday, October 26 – 9am-4pm: ReDesigning The Commons Workshop, San Rafael, CA

Saturday, October 26 – 6pm: Homeless Village Initiative meeting with coordinators, Albany, CA

Sunday, October 27 – Am & Pm: discussions with organizers and city council members, Santa Cruz, CA

Monday, October 28 – 9am-Noon: Design dialogues, Kresge College, Santa Cruz, CA (Dave Shaw)

Thursday, October 31 – 2 Presentations: SDSU, San Diego, CA, call Beryl @ 619-548-3367

Friday, November 1 – Am- Pm: Hands-On Projects, Muir Ranch High School, Pasadena, CA

Friday, November 1 – 7:30pm: City Repair 2013, “Big is Small, Big is Big”,117 Bimini Place, LA,

Saturday, November 2 – 10:30am-1pm: Dialogue with Los Angeles’ Most Progressive Planners, 117 Bimini Place, Los Angeles,

Saturday, November 2 – 5:00pm: Presentation, A Celebration of Place, 1355 Lincoln Ave, Pasadena, CA, Call Michelle 323-595-1158

Sunday, November 3 – 9am-1pm: Hands-on building at Learning Garden, 13000 Venice Blvd, 90066, Call Mel, 310-869-5607

Sunday, November 3 – 1pm-5pm: City Repair presentation at WRHAP, 12401 Slauson Ave, Unit G, Whittier, CA 90606

Sunday, November 3 – Evening: Topanga Canyon Community Gathering, Topanga, CA

Monday, November 3 – 6-9pm: Presentation & Dialogue, Redesigning the Commons: Urban Transformation, Topanga Film Institute, World Better Faster & Project Butterfly, & Back to The Garden, Location :: Casa Coracao: 1742 Deerhill Trail, RSVP ::

Tuesday, November 5 –  1-5pm: Community Building on Venice Blvd, Hands-On Projects, 805 Brooks Ave, Venice, contact Lauren Tucker

Tuesday, November 5 – 7-8pm: Evening: City Repair Slideshow and Potluck, at Beyond Baroque, 681 Venice Blvd, Venice, CA, Potluck at 9pm, Contact Lauren Tucker

Wednesday, November 6 – 6-8pm: Presentation, Transforming Public Space with Mark Lakeman                                                        The Ecology Center, 32701 Alipaz Street, San Juan Capistrano, CA,

Thursday, November 7 – 10am & Noon: 2 Meetings in Santa Barbara, CA

Friday, November 8 – 4pm: Visit PLACE intersection repair event, Block Party on the way, Oakland, CA

Saturday, November 9 – 6pm: Humbolt State University, State-Wdie Student Convergence, Arcata, CA

Sunday, November 10 – Am: Panel Discussion, Humbolt St. University, Student Convergence, Arcata, CA

Monday, November 11 – Am: Breakfast with organizations & city council members, Arcata, CA

End of California Speaking Tour 2013


October 15-16, 2013- At Living The New Economy Conference for dialogue-based Keynote Presentation, Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

October 17, 2013, 4:30 to 6pm- Open Studio Design Sessions at communitecture, Portland, OR

October 12 – 13, 2013- Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC , Portland, OR

October 9, 2013, 3:30 pm- Redesigning The Commons Webinar Series, #6

October 5 – 6, 2013- Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC, Portland, OR

September 27 – 29, 2013- Public presentations, permanent installations, Shawnigan Lake, BC

September 25, 2013- Redesigning The Commons Webinar Series, #5

September 20 – 22, 2013- Speaking and installations, First Annual Village Building Convergence, Cleveland, Ohio

September 14 – 15, 2013-  Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC, Portland, OR

September 13, 2013- Klikitat VBC Events, Atlan, Washington

September 11, 2013- Redesigning The Commons Online Webinar Series, #4

September 4 – 10, 2013- Village Reclamation Project, Minneapolis, MN

September 3, 2013- Host Tour for visiting planners from  Toronto, Portland, OR

August 31 – September 1, 2013- Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC, Portland, OR

August 23 – 25, 2013- Design & Documentation Projects for Sardinian Village Research Projects with Prof. Sandra Davis Lakeman, SLO, CA

August 15, 2013- Open Studio Design Sessions at communitecture, Portland, OR

August 10 -11, 2013- Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC, Portland, OR

August 7, 2013- Redesigning The Commons Online Webinar Series, #3

July 31, 2013- Redesigning The Commons Online Webinar Series, #2

July 30, 2013- Presentations for TIVNU/J-Build students, Portland, OR

July 27 – 29, 2013- Last Productions of Truth & Reconciliation Project, Labryinth Project Collaboration with Will Weigler & Guildworks, Victoria, BC

July 20 – 21, 2013- Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC, Portland, OR

July 18, 2013- Redesigning The Commons Online Webinar Series, #4

July 12 – 14, 2013- Three Spoken Word Events, Oregon Country Fair, Veneta, OR

July 6 – 7, 2013- Teaching Projects, Planet Repair PDC, Portland, OR

July 2 -4, 2013- Keynote Presentation, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design, Calgary, Alberta, Canada